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Urban Consign & Design is a family-owned business started in 2011 by Paul & Cyndi Fitzgerald.

After living in the Hoboken area for over 15 years and starting our small family here, we saw a need to provide a safe way for people to buy and sell quality home furnishings.  We kept thinking:  What happens to all that great furniture when people move?  Where can you find unique, quality furniture at a decent price? The Hoboken/Jersey City areas have always been highly transient towns. Many people move into Hoboken, spend a ton of money to beautifully decorate their apartments only to move on a few years later. Our motto to reuse and resell is the foundation of our business.

Also, with a growing family and a penchant for quality at fair prices, we didn’t like the daunting task of dealing with online scams, misleading photos, and meeting with strangers.  Letting someone into your home that you don’t know and trust can be scary.  Going to their home is equally stressful. Urban Consign & Design helps alleviate this burden, providing you with personalized service and friendly faces.

We are located in the first warehouse when you drive into the downtown or South-side of Hoboken at 650 Newark Street!

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