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Emily Doubilet

Company Founder - Emily Doubilet

As human beings, we love connecting with each other. Susty Party propels forward the idea that fun human connections and a movement towards sustainability can co-exist. Our dream is to provide products for people to create magical times with each other while also spreading their good intentions to the Earth.

I, Emily, grew up with a love for nature while traveling to the oceans of the world with my underwater photographer parents. I studied how to protect the natural world at Oberlin College’s Environmental Studies department. But I’m also a performer at heart. I like making people smile. And I’ve always felt that in order to truly protect the planet, people need to have fun – or as some say, “to change the world, throw a better party!” But parties and events generate a huge amount of waste (just second to the waste generated by the construction industry!). So I set off to make parties more sustainable, and sustainable products more fun!

Around 2007 to 2009 I was an artist living in Brooklyn and a sustainability manager at a green countertop manufacturer. I created performance art and threw parties around environmental themes. I even produced a Global Warming Burlesque Show! I wanted to create fun experiences for people – magical times that inspired them – but not in a way that created more waste or ignorance. I was searching high and low for the best eco-friendly party supplies and tableware. But I couldn’t find what I wanted, so I decided to just create my own sustainable party supplies online store! That’s when I met Jessica at a party. She joined as a co-owner, we launched our own product line, and the rest is history!

The sustainable systems book Cradle to Cradle by William McDonough and Michael Braungart has always inspired me, and it’s premise is still radical today:

“What if humans designed products and systems that celebrate an abundance of human creativity, culture, and productivity? That are so intelligent and safe, our species leaves an ecological footprint to delight in, not lament?”

The idea of an ecological footprint that is not only about reducing and limiting, but that is about celebrating human creativity (and that involves the verb “to delight”) is what inspires me to keep building Susty Party. Parties and events are an important part of our lives that connect us to each other, and connecting to each other is what keep us going! It’s easy to get bogged down while trying to live a sustainable lifestyle. But sustainability should a celebration! And that’s what Susty Party is here to do. I’m proud to be building a conscious company that reflects my passion to make the world a better place, and have fun at the same time. We are a certified YouthTrade company and B Corporation and our motto is; Respect Earth & Party On!

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