Susty Party – a Company with a Conscience

Susty Party has just been selected as a Company With a Conscience™ at!

My Conscience, My Choice™ is the first website of its kind to help the average consumer find the best eco-friendly, cruelty-free and natural product alternative choices to commonly purchased products. Overall, the website strives to connect consumers who want to better themselves with the pioneer brands that are producing conscience-driven goods.

My Conscience, My Choice provides useful product information in an easy-to-digest, recognizable brand-to-brand comparison format so that consumers can readily use their conscience before purchasing commonly purchase products or services.

Susty Party was chosen as a pioneer brand to be featured in My Conscience, My Choice’s “Companies with a Conscience” Online Guide, where we are excited to share our personal story about building a business around cruelty-free, eco-friendly and/or all-natural products and creating a conscience-driven organization.

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