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Simply Juiced is more than just a juice bar. It is an establishment that thoroughly practices the art of daily wellness by serving juices, nut milks, and light vegan meals all made in-house with 100% organic, locally sourced ingredients and using sustainable methods.  It is the first homegrown vegan* eat-in/take-0ut establishment in the city of Hoboken.

Founders King El and Sung Chung are passionate about providing wholesome and nutritious foods that are ethically sourced. Upon entering the storefront, there is a proclamation of their mantra, “To the Wealth of your Health”, inscribed on the awning.  King and Sung believe that the mindset of investing in one’s health is the foundation of a healthy lifestyle for everyone. As founders, they have a strong commitment to upholding sustainability in every aspect of their business, and this is evidenced by practices such as using biodegradable cleaning products and their own in-house water distiller as well as the composting of all food scraps.

For all its juicing and extracting Simply Juiced uses the original, old-school Hydraulic Press Juicer machine (The “NorWalk”) based on the design and philosophies of Norman Walker, the raw juicing pioneer who lived to be nearly 100 years old.  The NorWalk does not have any rubber parts like modern juicers that pulverize; instead it uses cheese cloth for straining.  The process takes longer than modern machines but better preserves nutrients as well as prevents the cross-contamination of any potential allergens, such as nuts, from shared juice and food prep.

Simply Juiced is notably the first commercial entity in the city of Hoboken to compost. A revised website will have a counter on its homepage to tally the amount of waste submitted for composting.  The establishment also uses only biodegradable, cruelty-free cleaning products, and sustainable food packaging consisting of recycled plastic and paper components, as well as use of silverware and bamboo containers when applicable.

Simply Juiced is also keen on supporting local growers and suppliers as well as artisans.  When walking in you will see art of local artisans hung on the walls. Of course, the owners use locally sourced organic seasonal fruits, vegetables and other ingredients.

Finally, Simply Juiced has a clear dedication to its customers.  If you are new to clean eating, you can taste a sample of nearly everything being sold before buying it.  A wide variety of foods are provided to suit most every taste, preference or restriction.  Many nut-free counterparts are available for popular products.  Ingredients are quite literally transparent, in that they are written with a black marker on the clear glass refrigerator doors associated with the title of each food prepared!

*Certain beverages and/or foods on the menu may contain local, sustainable honey.

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