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Caroline Randel

Company Founder - Caroline Randel

An eco-friendly belief system is threaded throughout every aspect of Onurth skincare products – from the use of fair trade ingredients from prideful farms, to recyclable and biodegradable packaging. When asked to compare Onurth to competitors, the answer is simple: Read the ingredients!

Although Onurth may have began formulating natural remedies in 2005, the dream of creating an chemical-free line of products to nurture the skin while respecting the earth began long before.

In the late 1990’s Caroline Randel, an esthetician, immersed herself within the wisdom of her mentors, soaking up every last drop of knowledge to ground her journey into the spa industry. Destination resorts such as New Age Health Spa in rural New York created a healthful womb in which Randel was able to develop a holistic view of treating the whole person – it was this attitude which would bind the formation of Onurth Skincare years down the road. Her clients and colleagues immediately recognized the young professional’s gift of healing and encouraged her move to New York City where she became a highly requested facialist at a variety of prestigious spas including that of the Plaza Hotel. Throughout her work, Randel struggled to find lines sincere in their natural claims to support her philosophy – discovering that even those skincare products claiming to be natural still contained harsh chemicals that were unhealthy for the body.

When the esteemed Plaza Hotel changed hands, an unemployed Randel decided to start her own business. Caroline used her years of training at holistic resorts and upscale metropolitan spas to make her dreams a reality. With no investors, she combined her knowledge with Onurth’s holistic instinct and started making pure skincare products. Discouraged by the long list of ingredients on so-called natural products, she created a line that contained no synthetic chemicals or preservatives what so ever!

Instead of scaling up quickly with investors, the excited Randel opted to promote her small collection of oils and masks to an interested crowd at farmers markets. Customers listened intriguingly as Randel’s intuitive genius consulted them as if they were alone in the treatment room. In no time at all it was clear that in order to enhance the lives (and skin) of more people, she would have to venture into the intimidating streets of Manhattan. Onurth was met with immediate intrigue and support, fueling her belief that there was a desperate longing for a truthful line of natural products.

Step by step, the company has grown through hard work and meticulous research. With the support of family, friends and dedicated customers, Onurth has become a staple in each customer’s skincare regime.

The nature of the Onurth line emits a full realm of respect for the earth from the use of Fair Trade ingredients from prideful farms, to recyclable and biodegradable packaging.  Onurth recently received Leaping Bunny certification, indicating international recognition for keeping our products cruelty-free and never testing on animals.


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