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Dawn Pascale

Company Founder - Dawn Pascale

OM Sweet Home® started as a local purveyor of gluten-free, vegan baked goods. Soon, the brand quickly diversified into other areas, selling its own vegan frozen yogurt and, thereafter, pioneering “BKLYN BUTTAH”, a first-of-its-kind vegan butter alternative that is organic coconut milk and coconut-oil based and now widely available for sale, both locally and online.

Founder, Dawn Pascale’s goal has always been to make desserts and other foods accessible to everyone regardless of food discipline, sensitivities, allergies, gluten-intolerances, lifestyle and preference.  OM Sweet Home was born in 2013 so that vegans and non-vegans alike could partake in a scrumptious dessert from the simple breakfast bar to ornamental event cakes.  All OM Sweet Home confections are custom-made and gluten-free, soy-free, palm-oil free and nut-free as well as vegan (no dairy, no egg and contain vegan sugar).

OM Sweet Home prides itself in using the highest quality organic, non-GMO ingredients in its foods and baked goods, packing in omega-3s, protein, healthy fats, and phytonutrients, to name a few.  All of OM Sweet Home’s foods use organic coconut as a backbone ingredient and BKLYN BUTTAH is the staple ingredient in all of its baked goods.

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