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Carol Sondesky

It started as I started developing food allergies many years ago. I became very aware of food labels and ingredients, and finding out what things were. That naturally extended into my skincare products and I was horrified when I discovered what many ingredients were and how toxic they could be.

I set out to learn how to make my own body lotion – I got a little obsessed with it – and 2 years and 32 recipes later I finally got it. I started using it regularly, so did friends, then I was encouraged to branch out and try other products. I started using them regularly and so did friends. The rest is history.

The most significant learning that came out of the experience is that there is no regulation in labeling in the industry and there is no clear definition of “all natural”. It really is up to the manufacturer and their interpretation.

Our products are so pure you could actually eat them — not that you would want to — but we believe you should apply the same scrutiny to what you put on your body as what you put in our body.

That’s our definition of “all natural”.

nyl Skincare is a 100% vegan & cruelty-free skincare line which is chemical, gluten, paraben and preservative-free, both people and environmentally friendly. Everything is hand made in small batches and delivered fresh.

“nyl” is pronouned like “nil” – meaning nothing – as in nothing bad for you, harmful, or toxic.

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