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Sahar Ghavami

Company Founder - Sahar Ghavami

Moondani Naturals makes a natural and effective breath spray using carefully selected ingredients.  All ingredients in the breath spray are organic or non-gmo.  The unique blend was inspired by ancient middle eastern customs.  The word “Moondani” means “everlasting” in Farsi.

Founder, Sahar Ghavami worked in the mortgage backed security market, selling financial software to fixed income and commercial real estate investors. The nature of her business was to attend constant face-to-face interactions and social events, and she noticed the need for a quick and convenient breath spray that actually worked. Additionally, she wanted to make a product using natural herbs that didn’t just mask the breath through artificial sweeteners and other synthetics.

She researched the harmful effects of chewing gum and artificial sweeteners as well as other additives and preservatives. Her goal was to create a natural product free of these ingredients as well as create a formulation that relied on the beneficial qualities of  natural herbs like cardamom, ginger and fennel.

After years of development which included many challenges, Sahar devised a formulation with all of these criteria. Moondani natural breath mist was born, which uses a short list of natural and effective ingredients, including a glycerin that is made from natural fermentation of organic starches instead of through industrial hydrolysis. The main ingredient in the formulation is cardamom, which is a natural breath freshener and has a host of other benefits as well. Cardamom works internally to digest food and freshen breath naturally.

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