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Cynthia Brevil

Company Founder - Cynthia Brevil

The Karmalades seed was planted in 2007 at the D.C. Green Festival. I attended as a volunteer and was lucky enough to sit in on a seminar about lowering our body’s exposure to toxins. One of the key things the speaker talked about were the toxins in our home … mainly cleaning products. She went on to educate the audience about a few simple household-cleaning recipes that could be made at home to take the place of all the toxic stuff that is readily purchased at the grocery store. I was already using natural cleaners from the local health food stores, but being the eternal crafter that I am … I couldn’t stop myself from thinking about experimenting with my own recipes. I went home to try it. I researched and formulated a beautifully effective soft scrub cleaner … now known as Scrubbing Souffle. I used this creamy scrub on everything and it became my hostess gift of choice. My gift recipients, mostly family and friends, loved it … and most said it works like nothing else they have used in the past. After a year of hearing the most gracious compliments, a light bulb went on and I decided that it would be a great idea turn my love for crafting natural cleaning products into a business. For me, there is nothing better than helping the karma of the planet by encouraging people to trade in their traditional toxic cleaners for a more sustainable choice … Karmalades.

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