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Rebecca winnicki

Company Founder - Rebecca winnicki

Homemade Betty is a 100% Organic, Fair Trade & Vegan Company. I make everything in small batches & with only transparent ingredients . I dedicate myself in finding the best ingredients and suppliers to find wholesome and beautiful ingredients. All of our products are made from scratch and made to order. It is made once the order comes in so nothing is sitting on shelves.

After I went vegan I decided that all the things I was putting on my body and my children’s body was not good either! So I started making organic body butter . My middle son had eczema and it completely cleared up after a month using it! I was amazed, I thought what else could I make? After years of researching products and ingredients and mixing I finally found what I wanted! I only made things for the 5 of us and friends and family started to ask about it. Homemade Betty was born. I started traveling to organic farmers markets.

I am very proud of my products! I am constantly doing  research to make sure not
only the products are free of harmful chemicals but also that each essential oil & ingredients that I put in our products are fresh and won’t disturb your skin.

I absolutely love what I do! It makes me so happy when a customer calls me up and thanks me. Something so simple can change your skin and make it better. You don’t need all the harmful chemicals and preservatives to have effective skin care! If you are eating organic and clean should your skincare be organic and clean?


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