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Hoby Dogy is a Yoga-Inspired Dog walking and Premium Pet Care service, giving you peace of mind for all of your pet care needs.  In addition, Hoby Dogy operates with eco-minded practices, biking to clients’ homes versus using other means of transportation and using biodegradeable dog bags, among other initiatives.  Hoby Dogy also practices and recommends reward-based dog-training.

From the Hoby Dogy website:

“Born from our culture that’s yoga-inspired, our operating principles guide how our team members treat one other and our own families and friends, directly impacting how we treat your pet, you as our people and absolutely anyone else. Doing good for others begins with the special bonds we ourselves keep.

A living document created and edited by our team, our operating principles help us to align the personal and professional in service to others.

Principle 1

THOU SHALT bring out the best in others and give others your best too.

We don’t believe we’re better and others are worse. Instead, we’re good-seeking and positive, ready to build strengths to help us all be our greatest selves.

Principle 2

THOU SHALT stay calm during tough news, moments and conversations.

We don’t allow our emotions to get the best of us. Instead, we’re peace-seeking and focused, ready to think through decisions based on what’s happening.

Principle 3

THOU SHALT invite others to find solutions that work for the good of all.

We don’t assume we’re right and others are wrong. Instead, we’re truth-seeking and open, ready to fully listen to others’ dissents, opinions and reasons.”

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