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BodiSafe™ Beauty (formerly GlamNatural)

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Company Founder

Christine Vadala & Bill Marthaler

Company Founder - Christine Vadala & Bill Marthaler

When we say our makeup is different, it actually is different from start to finish. First, we deconstructed makeup and rebuilt it from square one. It took some time, and after more than 150 rounds of formulating, we discovered the right mix of ingredients to provide the coverage and performance we were looking for while keeping our ingredient list short and understandable. Our formula is so unique, it’s patent pending.

Next, we eliminated the water—a significant difference in our makeup. Unlike many other makeups on the market, Our products are nonaqueous (do not contain water). That is noteworthy because water harbors bacteria, and when a makeup starts with water, the manufacturer has to add a preservative to deter the growth of various bacteria. Preservatives irritate skin and may cause imbalances, so it’s wonderful to be able to do without them.

Lastly, but most importantly to us, was the goal to create a makeup that holds itself to the highest possible standards for safety and performance. We keep in mind how our products will affect their users, and we have formulated makeup that is BodySafe™. All of the products in our line must meet our extensive BodySafe™ criteria—a feat we hope other brands will strive toward as well.

BodiSafe™ isn’t makeup as usual, and our mission goes beyond selling cosmetics. We want to shift the beauty product paradigm to provide luxurious and BodySafe™ products for mindful consumers.

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