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Ecohabitude is a peer-to-peer marketplace designed to bring the accessibility of socially conscious apparel, accessories, beauty products, housewares, and other ethically created products directly to consumers. It is a marketplace fulfilling the demand for transparency in products and providing a platform for consumers to easily discover and connect directly with makers of high-quality, ethical brands. Ecohabitude supports entrepreneurs and businesses – large and small – that are committed to social responsibility.

Founder, Kristen Drapesa was inspired to started Ecohabitude after her mother’s battle with breast cancer.  Her mission was to launch an online marketplace to connect shoppers with healthier beauty products and ethically-produced fashion. Ecohabitude began in New York as an e-commerce site for products in beauty and fashion, however, now it has expanded to many more product offerings such as eco-friendly children’s clothing, homewares, wedding gifts and edibles such as coffee and spices.

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