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Company Founder

Deborah Pace and Ivan Solero

Company Founder - Deborah Pace and Ivan Solero

EarthSpring Foods was initially founded in 2010 to alleviate the global problems of malnutrition using a soy solution. There are several barriers that prevent plentiful, nutritious and inexpensive soy from becoming a dietary staple in the developing world, including the presence of lactose, estrogen, phytic acid, oligosaccharides and trypsin inhibitors that prevent people in developing worlds from receiving the full nutritional benefits of soy. EarthSpring Foods focused on solving this problem.

EarthSpring Foods has perfected PrimaSoy, a patented process for removing estrogen and other unfavorable compounds from soy. Now people have the option of enjoying soy products, without the associated concerns of consuming estrogen.

The EarthSpring Foods PrimaSoy process is natural, retaining all of the many positive health and environmental benefits of soy without any of the dietary concerns. It contains no chemicals or additives and is totally organic.

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