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Company Founder - Ayo and Nigel Hart

Dolphin Organics™ is a line of personal care products for babies and young children, made only with natural and organic ingredients and nothing artificial – not even the preservatives. Labeling on each of the products always explains each ingredient’s source and function to the consumer. Dolphin Organics products are QAI and NSF certified and ingredients are EWG certified and PETA endorsed as vegan and cruelty-free.

Dolphin was founded by Ayo and Nigel Hart, a husband and wife team that that had been buying organic and local whole foods since 1998.

A critical shift happened in 2009 when the founder’s father, a lifelong farmer who ate only what he grew, died of cancer. Then, his mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. His mother’s oncologist highlighted chemicals for her to avoid and many cited were those found in routine personal care products. It made both Ayo and Nigel think very critically about their lifestyle and they realized what they were putting on their bodies was not being scrutinized as much as what they were putting in their bodies.

As parents of twin girls, they wanted to use only natural and organic products but found so many products claiming to be natural and organic that also contained artificial and potentially harmful ingredients.

That’s when they decided to make their own products. Devising their own formulations took many months; they were certainly not interested in simply rebranding other mass produced formulations with their label. They worked with a biologist and chemist each with over 25 years of experience in the health and beauty industry to create one of the first NSF certified baby product lines. They also obtained QAI certifications on their formulations.

A key part of creating their brand was talking to the organic-minded moms who would be buying their products. They named their advisory focus group the Dolphin Moms™.

Dolphin partners with this core group of mothers for routine feedback about their vegan hypoallergenic baby care products currently on the market and those in development. The moms help to set expectations on standards they expect as consumers in the natural and organic space. Dolphin Moms can provide feedback on areas ranging from ingredients and packaging to logo design and labeling.

The Dolphin Organics line includes shampoo/body wash, hypoallergenic lotion, bubble bath and conditioner. Dolphin also has a Natural line (DO Naturals™) with naturally scented products like shampoo, conditioner, body wash, moisturizer and spray detangler geared towards the older child and beyond. In addition, an SPF32 mineral sunscreen was recently added to the line, which contains all plant-derived ingredients, titanium dioxide and zinc oxide and no nano particles.

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