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Ariele and Leeona

Company Founder - Ariele and Leeona

We like to call our small-batch-made, natural skincare and cosmetic products “artisan food crafted for your skin”.  Every single ingredient is carefully analyzed and analytically tested to produce only the finest, purest products, using raw, undiluted ingredients and no artificial colors or fragrances. Our products are handcrafted fresh in London, Ontario.

At Delizioso Skincare we have created a unique method of emulsifying creams and formulations without overheating nutrients. When nutrients are overheated, there is no use for them. Everything we use in the products is 100% raw, undiluted and fresh from small farms that we ethically source worldwide.

We were inspired to form Delizioso after we discovered the amount of toxic sludge, harmful chemicals and undisclosed ingredients that cosmetics contain and how this tremendously affects our health.  We were also frustrated with the frequent “green washing” in the industry.  So, we set out on a journey, a journey of discovery and creation, which led to our launch in 2014.  We decided to change the landscape of cosmetics and skincare and create a comprehensive line of skincare products.

As sisters, we started to formulate skincare in our mom’s (Dr. M. Emerald’s) laboratory as early as 2008. The goal was complex; start a line that is 100% natural, performs like top high end brands, feels authentic, is presented at a luxury level and is affordable. We wanted to create a line that was truly 100% natural, water free, raw, fresh and truly artisan.  From the small amount of inventory we had, we began to create, research and test as a team. After a few years of intense research and testing, the Delizioso brand was born.  We succeeded in creating a line in which all products are water free, 100% natural, fresh, raw and what we believe to be truly the definition of purity and luxury.

We are proud to say that we fully devoted our heart and souls to this journey. Everything we created, we did in-house from scratch. And, everything had to meet the standards of authentic pure luxury – without compromising quality or performance. In addition, since the beginning, we thoughtfully sourced our organic ingredients from small, fair trade farms all over the world and have always produced cruelty-free, mainly* vegan products using cruelty-free ingredient suppliers.

All our products are undiluted and genuine, including the very unique ingredients that Delizioso Skincare has developed. The products are made with efficacy, health and luxury in mind.

We truly hope that you enjoy the products and join us on our journey to spread wellness, purity and honesty!



*Some products contain honey and/or beeswax.

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