Companies with a Conscience

Meet the companies, business owners and real people who have decided to make a difference in the world. They’re the ones who have created a business strategy within the light of geopolitical, humane, and environmental positives. They empower their employees and the average consumer with the means to make conscience-driven choices that support humane living, eco-consciousness or all-natural ideals.

Are you a company with an eco-friendly, natural or cruelty-free product or service? Allow us to communicate the story behind your brand, reach the right audiences, highlight your most popular product and connect you with our conscience-driven community and network. For a full list of marketing services, email Founder, Dory Kurowski at

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Discover the first app making it easy to switch to and buy products that are better for you, the environment and animals. Products that you can feel good about and, importantly, are leaders in their category.

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