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Mara Kelly

Company Founder - Mara Kelly

Cloak Collection is a line of contemporary dresses that are comfortable and flattering for any woman to wear. However, our clothes are specifically designed to be inclusive of new mothers. Each style features simple functionality that allows a mother to easily and discretely breastfeed her baby.

When Cloak’s Founder went through motherhood for the first time she quickly realized that her newborn would always come first, often at the expense of herself. She wished for anything that would make life a little easier, but especially clothes that could be thrown on but didn’t look thrown on. Something mindful. Something natural. Something beautiful.

Cloak Collection is here to help you look and feel like your old self recast in your new lifestyle. Our dresses are all made with style, function and sustainability in mind. Each garment in our collection is made with bamboo. That means in addition to being softer than that t-shirt you’ve been hanging on to from high school, all of our products contain natural anti-bacterial properties and are friendly to the environment.

Cloak’s garments are mindfully made in the U.S. and proceeds from each purchase will go to support Women in Need to help break the cycle of homelessness for mothers and children. Cloak never uses any animal-derived materials in its production processes or finished products.

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