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Company Founder

Jackie Granchamps

Company Founder - Jackie Granchamps

Cecile’s Bath & Body creates hand crafted soaps, scrubs, and unique moisturizers for lips, face and body in small batches.  Made with only plant and mineral based nutrients like organic Shea butter, Argan oil or wildflower honey, our products never include any animal-derived* or petroleum by-products. We always seek to use organically cultivated, grown and produced ingredients free from chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

Most importantly, Cecile’s Bath & Body is able to offer uniquely customized creations. Call for a consult and invent your dream soap or body product! And if you have a hankering to try your hand at formulation, Cecile’s even offers custom soap making workshops so you can DIY!

Launch Story:

In 2011 I was going to a family holiday party and wanted to bring gifts, but like a lot of people that year I had been laid off so I was short on cash. Fresh from a trip to the grocery store, I got a little creative (and messy!) in the kitchen, ending up with several different types of salt scrubs using fresh fruit, herbs and pure essential oils.

A few years and many classes later, I have developed a full line of soaps and personal care luxuries consisting wholly of pure oils, organic nut butters and natural enhancers chosen for their particular natural properties like coconut milk, and salts and clays from around the world. I’m a firm believer that nature contains everything we need to live healthy and well. No preservatives, parabens or petroleum additives required.

The name Cecile keeps coming up in my family line, and is also the name of my eldest living great Aunt. Anyone who knows her KNOWS that her standards are exceedingly high and her taste is exquisite. In an odd way her discriminating standards hit home with me so closely that she set the bar for the quality of products I aspire to produce. If she wouldn’t use it, I wouldn’t make it.  When I found out Cecile means blind of self-beauty that pretty much sealed the deal.

*except in instances where beeswax may be used as an ingredient

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