Case Studies

Since 2012 when Dory launched her website, she’s been researching brands and organizations aligned with sustainability, and many of them are locally based.  Dory’s work has made her an expert in her field to scout out the best performing green and humanely produced products to promote for consumer awareness.  Because of her broad knowledge of the sustainable market, her expertise has been in demand to help local, national and international-based businesses with brand awareness and marketing.  Dory also has a broad network to connect businesses to further their brand exposure and product distribution.  Examples include helping them broaden product distribution, helping them attend targeted events and connecting them with leads to further their business goals.  These brands and retailers also get the opportunity to have Dory market them to other entities in her valuable Companies with a Conscience network (known as “The Network”), which often brings together local business owners with other contacts in neighboring states, cities and towns, as well as furthers the visibility of national and international brands.

Here are some case studies of how Dory Kurowski has helped other brands

Reduction of raw material costs and cross promotion opportunities for local retail and product businesses in the food services industry

Dory brought together three Hoboken business owners (two Companies With a Conscience and an Affiliate with a Conscience) after recognizing these businesses could use each other as resources.  They were using the same raw materials and could bundle their orders to reduce costs.  Her introduction proved to be successful for two of the retailers to lower their raw material costs of almonds and other ingredients by combining their orders.  In addition, they developed a relationship for marketing each other’s businesses and products to their respective, similar-minded constituents.  The third company continues to analyze potential cost benefits for various raw materials that can also be pooled with the other two businesses.

Thought-Leader Business Tour

Dory organized a tour day of influential, respected green beauty bloggers from NYC and the surrounding areas to tour local Hoboken businesses that were Companies with a Conscience and Affiliates with a Conscience (food and cosmetic/personal care retailers) for awareness and possible press opportunities.

Promotion of Events on Social Media, Newsletter, etc.

Dory worked with an emerging Company with a Conscience to promote their pop up shop and introduce like-minded vendors to share the space. In another instance, Dory worked with a client to ensure their product’s visibility to eco-minded and allergy-minded mothers.

Promotions at National Industry-Specific Conferences

Dory took information and samples from an emerging eco-friendly textile producer in the mid-west to the NYC Green Festival.  Dory spoke to vendors there to promote relevant and select Companies with a Conscience for potential business development.

Business Development/Wholesaler Outreach for Educational Eco-minded Business

Dory connected a Midwest-based Company with a Conscience (owner of an educational book series for children based on environmental stewardship) with a local boutique book shop that was opening an emerging children’s annex to act as a wholesaler and for promotions around Earth Day. In addition, Dory is contacting local schools with a mindful mission about using this book series as part of their curriculum.

Wholesaler Outreach and Social Media Marketing For Local Vegan Product and Food Service Business

Dory has been promoting the awareness of the first allergy-friendly, palm oil-free, soy-free, dairy-free butter-like product from Hoboken, NJ-based Om Sweet Home.  She also helped to increase the products’ local distribution in Hoboken.  In addition, she helped with social media marketing planning and execution when Company With a Conscience, Om Sweet Home was moving to its own dedicated store for retail and commercial operations.  She helped promote a theme and narrative behind transforming a space that was once a butcher shop into a vegan bakery and retailer. Dory continues to help the brand with visibility and promotion as this product is very emblematic of My Conscience, My Choice’s recommendation.

Wholesaler Outreach, New Product Development Outreach and Outreach to Major National Organizations for Collaboration

Dory brought together two Companies with a Conscience, Jersey City, NJ-based Tick Tock Naturals and Union City, NJ-based Cecile’s Bath and Body, for creating a new, shared product.  They are working on incorporating Tick Tock’s organic insect repellent formulation with Cecile’s Bath & Body’s soap production expertise to devise an insect repellent soap.  She has also been working to make additional introductions of local brands to Tick Tock to make its own insect repellent candle for production.  Eventually, once the soaps and candles are produced, the next step will be conducting outreach to wholesalers.

Dory is also working with UNICEF/the U.N. to incorporate the organic insect repellent she recommends into their travel kits, as an adjunct to a DEET-based repellent, which is a solution aligned with the organization’s sustainability development goals.

Rebranding/Communications and Marketing Plans/Editing Marketing Materials

Dory works with other local businesses in various capacities to consult with them on communications and edit their marketing materials.  She is working to rebrand the image and mission of a local business including revamping all its marketing materials, and with another to devise associated marketing plans for niche markets she identified that were previously untapped.

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