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Justin Green

Company Founder - Justin Green

Founded in late 2004, Build It Green! NYC, is New York City’s only non-profit retail outlet for salvaged and surplus building materials. Our reuse centers have everything from panel doors to high end refrigerators and shutters to movie props. Our mission is to keep these materials out of the landfill, while offering deep discounts on their resale. We are working towards reducing the amount of unnecessary construction and demolition (C&D) waste clogging our landfills, which conibutes to pollution, GHG emissions, climate change and global warming. We have two reuse centers one in Astoria (opened 2005) and one in Gowanus (opened 2011) have over 75 tons of materials that have been donated and salvaged and our now on sale for half of or below their new prices so everyone can afford reuse!

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