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Stephanie Greenwood

Company Founder - Stephanie Greenwood

Stephanie Greenwood began working in a university biology lab and taking advanced chemistry classes in her mid-teens, but it wasn’t until she was 26 that she learned that the thousands of chemicals around her in personal care products like parabens, phthalates, and artificial fragrance could be causing some of her health problems, like hormonal imbalances and asthma. She diligently sought safer alternatives, but none of them lived up to her standards of purity. She found out that many products had hidden ingredients. So, she decided to make her own products using simple, organic ingredients.

Her friends and family caught wind of her experimenting and asked her to share her discoveries. Soon she was making soaps, shampoos, lip balms and deodorants for the entire family. She then enlisted the help of her long-time friend and business partner to launch a brand at the Salt Lake farmer’s market, and Bubble & Bee Organic was born in 2007. was launched and a year later, the brand was carried regionally in Whole Foods Market. And the rest is history!

But Stephanie and Steve’s mission is more than just selling their products. Their goal is to inform others about the importance of staying away from the dangerous chemicals in our world of fancy products with entrancing colors and fragrances. In addition to making and selling products, their goal is to inform people of the hazards of chemicals in personal care products. Their Chemical of the Day blog is designed to give accurate and concise information that people are looking for regarding cosmetic chemicals. They believe that organic products shouldn’t be just for those who can afford them, but for everyone who wants to live in a safer, more natural world. They strive to offer reasonable prices and approachable products. That’s why at Bubble and Bee Organic, they say “We Make Organic Fun!”

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