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Beauty Heroes is a monthly beauty discovery service featuring natural, organic, green beauty. Shop our curated online Beauty Store or join our monthly discovery service and receive one full-size, 100% non-toxic, Hero Product, plus deluxe Sidekicks, from clean beauty brands you love.

Beauty Heroes’ mission is to be your most trusted source for healthy beauty, and we take great pride in knowing your needs and exceeding them with Heroic Customer Care. Have an ingredient allergy? We’ll keep your personal information securely on file and alert you before shipping any product that might cause an adverse reaction. Have other preferences? We’ll keep track of that, too, to ensure you use less of what you don’t want, and love more of what you use.

Ingredient integrity is everything.  Every product meets our clearly defined ingredient standard. Our inspired curation process ensures the products we select are formulated with the highest quality, natural, organic, biodynamic and wild-harvested ingredients that have been ethically sourced by companies who care about your health and the health of our planet. We provide comprehensive ingredient intel on each of our selections, so you know what you’re putting on your skin, and the benefits you can expect.

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