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A First-Of-Its-Kind App Making it Easy to Buy the Best Cruelty-Free, Eco-Friendly and Natural Product Alternatives

As a conscience-driven consumer, it can be exhausting trying to remember, look up or cross-reference all of the better, conscience-driven brands. And then, once those brands are identified, which is the best in its product category? Which performs like what I’m most used to as a consumer? Or, which items are worth making an adjustment to versus relying on familiar brand names, tastes, etc. because we’ve been conditioned to “need” those things as a result of marketing propaganda?

My Conscience, My Choice helps the average consumer navigate the vast array of  “eco-friendly”, “natural”, “non-toxic”, “fair” and “cruelty-free” products and determine which are legitimate and well-performing leading products in their respective categories. Use of the CHOICE app makes the purchasing process even easier by cutting through the clutter to the best (and in some cases, locally produced) “good goods” by providing immediate brand recognition as well means for purchase. Once an alternative product is revealed, with a click of a button, you can immediately buy that product online or find out which local retailer carries it.

Typically the mission of My Conscience, My Choice and the CHOICE app resonates with the consumer who is busy and concerned with the lifestyle they lead and the effects that they impart on others as a result of their actions. As such, we want to reward our visitors and make their decision-making process more efficient. So, imagine, while shopping, instead of jarring your memory bank or referring back to our mobile-enabled web site where you’d have to search for a product, what the convenience of an app with instant product recognition could do instead. Imagine making the process for purchasing the best “good goods” even easier with a tool at your finger tips:  simply scan the bar code of a familiar item, or search or browse for an item, and get a My Conscience, My Choice recommended product alternative instantly fed back to you along with where to purchase it in locally or online.  This tool is now a reality if you have an iOS device.  We hope to develop the app for the Android operating system next, with additional funding.

The CHOICE app is available for iOS download here:

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Read below for launch information related to the CHOICE app as well as future development plans:



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Click here to view a short video about the app.

Click here to view the Indiegogo fundraising campaign page and 5-minute video (the campaign ended on 3/16/14 at midnight).

Click the image below for sample press on the “Choice” app.

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My Conscience, My Choice has been operating out-of-pocket with a modest staff and budget. We are always looking to make your experience with the app more user-friendly and welcome any feedback and support.

If you would like it to be even easier to find and purchase eco-friendly, clean-ingredient, cruelty-free alternatives to your commonly purchased products at the touch of button on your mobile device, please consider showing your support by making a donation of any amount to further the development of the CHOICE app.

Note:  In 2014, via an Indiegogo campaign, we raised a threshold amount of funding for proceeds toward developing a version 1.0.  We want to continue to further develop the app beyond version 1.0 will provide updates for each incremental release, which are to be listed on this site as they are established.  

What’s included in version 1.0:  Categorical product recognition for thousands of products that returns over 200 categorical product alternative recommendations for purchase and growing; means for immediate online purchase; identification of local retailers that sell recommended product alternatives; established favorites que with sorting capabilities.

Updates to version 1.1: Includes a proprietary means to query and filter search and scan results, bug fixes for auto-loads, image loads.

Next stage funding development goals:  GPS location services for local brick and mortar retailers carrying product alternatives, Android operating system compatibility; part-time staff to populate the app.

All donations must be traceable and recorded.  

Will you help us achieve our goal?


Thank you for your interest in My Conscience, My Choice and for supporting the development of a My Conscience, My Choice™ app!

Everytime you spend money, you’re casting a vote for the kind of world you want.
Anna Lappé


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Discover the first app making it easy to switch to and buy products that are better for you, the environment and animals. Products that you can feel good about and, importantly, are leaders in their category.

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