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The purpose of this website is not to preach to the converted. There are plenty of sites that already cater to specific advocacy groups trying to make a difference in very specific areas of sustainability.  This site should interest you if you want to be part of a larger movement: a move to change based on taking ownership of your own daily choices to arrest the damage that’s being done since we’ve outpaced ourselves as a society in the areas of science and manufacturing. As such, and without readily available information, we default to making less conscience-driven choices and more convenience-driven ones.

The “My Conscience, My Choice” website is based on the idea that if given a choice the average consumer wants to make purchases with a good conscience. It is also based on the idea that the average consumer likes their purchasing experience to be quick and easy. When I became a new mother, I was even more keen about refining both aspects of the purchasing experience – making quick purchases and purchasing with a good conscience. This has enhanced my vision for this project even further than when I was interested in revamping just my own lifestyle.

On this site, and on the CHOICE app, you’ll find that the legwork has been done to recommend leading eco-friendly, clean-ingredient, and cruelty-free products to use instead of commonly purchased personal care, beauty, food, and household items. Think of this site as a tool kit for an overhaul of your lifestyle…

Note that the product alternatives that are listed on this website are only those that are featured with associated write ups.  However, hundreds more can be found on the CHOICE app.

I do not consider myself a blogger, in the traditional sense, at least.  I make recommendations based on fact-based research and reports, expert opinions in the industry and other consumer reviews, not simply my own opinions or prompts by other companies.  Additionally, the trend has been the opposite of a traditional blogging model in that I am the one to seek out novel brands, unless it is clear that there happens to be a more well-known leader, by default, in a particular product category.  If you wonder about exactly how each product recommendation is made, please take a look at my methods page here.

An explanation is provided for each recommended product alternative on the website and the app as well. Featured alternatives are always sent out via our “I’m Aware” Product Alert email newsletter and posted on Facebook and Twitter.  Through our Facebook page fans can provide feedback for fellow visitors about the featured recommendation (or even suggest another alternative contender if they believe they know of a product that is emerging and off the radar).

Lastly, the website and app both provide information on the retailers that sell the suggested alternative products in the local greater metro New York/New Jersey areas as well nationwide, both brick and mortar and online. If shoppers switch to the recommended product alternatives and purchase them locally or online, the added benefit will be an increased patronization of local specialized retailers who supply these pioneering products, an increased demand for products from local suppliers, and, possibly a more meaningful reliance on specific online or nationwide merchants to be the providers of cruelty-free or eco-friendly products.


By clicking on links to purchase the recommended products through the “How to get it” on this site, you help to fund and sustain this project.  Remember, only brands and products that are vetted, researched and tested are recommended and recommendations are never tied to any form of compensation, only performance.

For the companies pioneering eco-friendly, clean-ingredient and cruelty-free product alternatives, this site also serves as a hub to bring to the forefront the personalities and “back stories” behind the brands. The hope is that this site will bring like-minded people together. So, it makes sense to introduce these companies along with their missions and popular products to those people who are interested and ready to make more conscience-driven choices. The goal of the work at My Conscience, My Choice is to help the average person ultimately lead a more conscience-driven lifestyle by being informed!

As such, our marketing services also focus on this goal, to keep the brands and consumers connected.  We have specialized services tailored to each brand to help with visibility, communications and consumer engagement.

I hope that you find this site and the CHOICE app a useful resource, and more importantly, gain satisfaction knowing that, with every eco-friendly, clean-ingredient or cruelty-free product alternative you choose to purchase, you’ve contributed to beginning a conscience-driven world. Remember: many small life changes can equate to big world changes.

Thank you for visiting this site and I wish you the best of luck as you embark on this change for yourself and for the greater good!


Dory A. Kurowski





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The situation the Earth is in today has been created by unmindful production and unmindful consumption. We consume to forget our worries and our anxieties. Tranquilising ourselves with over-consumption is not the way.
Thich Nhat Hanh

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