• The Wonder Seed™ Hemp Hand Cream (Spring Lavender)

    Sustainable Smooth

    So many “healing” hand creams and lotions temporarily mask the dryness problem by coating skin with petroleum-based products. Instead of temporarily softening your skin with petroleum derivatives, which, depending on the source are highly questionable in terms of safety, switch to … Continue reading

  • Brush with Bamboo:  The Ecological Toothbrush

    A Greener Teeth Cleaning Routine

    With the 2 billion plastic and nylon toothbrushes that end up in the world’s landfills every year it’s no wonder we haven’t switched to gargling and flossing to clean our teeth. Instead of plastic, this brand offers the solution of using bamboo, which … Continue reading

  • Start Pure® Peroxide-Free Teeth Whitening Pen

    An Enlightened Whitening

    Smiling:  it can be contagious and is considered the universal symbol for happiness, contentment, even love and adoration.   It’s also a means of promoting wellness. There’s little that gets more attention than a bright, perfectly polished smile.  Hence, the market … Continue reading

  • Clear Conscience Multi-Purpose Saline Solution

    Clear Vision, Clear Comfort, Clear Conscience

    Typically, it’s the most ordinary products that we don’t think about buying that, if substituted, can make a profound market difference.  Saline solution for contact lenses is a great example:  it’s an integral part of your routine for being able to effectively … Continue reading

  • Coola® Sport Sunscreen Spray, SPF 35 (Pina Colada)

    Sustainable Spray Suncare

    Coola Suncare is proud to be a Company with a Conscience at www.myconsciencemychoice. Do you like hands-free application of sunscreen but don’t want to pollute the ozone?  If you are active and outdoors, you probably want the ease of reapplying … Continue reading

  • Preserve® Triple Razor

    Sustainable Shaving Without the Sacrifice

    As layers of clothing are shed and more skin is exposed with the warmer weather, skin grooming becomes a priority once again. However, we may not think twice about the aspects of hair removal since the act is so routine. Most … Continue reading

  • 100% Pure Organic Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream

    Awake and Aware

    Still adjusting to the time change?  New mom? Late night? Regardless of the reason, you may want to enlist some extra help to at least help you appear more awake on a routine or occasional basis.  Many products may live … Continue reading

  • GlenKaren Care Products Cream Shoe Polish (in black)

    Non-Toxic Scuff Coverage For the Sole

    It’s nearly time to permanently retire the snow boots and wellies – so make sure that those (faux leather!) shoes are ready to show off.  Of course, you can use eco-friendly banana peels, or even just coconut oil, but if … Continue reading

  • nyl® Whipped Hand & Body Lotion, Organic

    Rich with Nil

    nyl® Skincare is proud to be a Company with a Conscience at My Conscience, My Choice. Unless you are blessed with super genes that enable your skin to counteract the parching of winter, it will soon be time to prime that ashy, dry … Continue reading

  • Caseb Naturals® Dragon's Blood Body Balm

    Let Chapping Be Gone with this Do-it-All Balm

    (update as of 2015:  Caseb Naturals is no longer operating/producing product.  Please check back periodically for its replacement with a different alternative, if available.) Caseb Naturals is proud to be a Company with a Conscience at My Conscience, My Choice. With the … Continue reading