• If You Care® Large Baking Cups

    Bake Safe And Sustainably

    Cupcake liners are handy, both for baking and for holding party snacks and other treats. So chances are you may have an excess of them in your cupboard for routine baking. It’s worth noting though, that many parchment and baking … Continue reading

  • Safe Paw™ Ice Melter

    A “No-Brainer” for No Ice

    Being safe during the winter weather may trump all else but there’s little reason not to use a non-toxic, non-invasive product that is highly effective to remove ice.  This ice melter is the only 100% salt-free version on the market making … Continue reading

  • J.R. Watkins® All Purpose Cleaner

    All-Purpose, Natural Cheer

    What good is decking the halls if the rest of your home isn’t sparkling too?  This established brand has been producing natural-ingredient, cruelty-free, non-toxic cleaning and toiletry products since 1868. Their all-purpose spray household cleaner is a quick fix that works … Continue reading

  • Twist® Hemp Ravioli Scrubby

    Swap Synthetics and Steel for This Simple Deal

    Make holiday dish washing less of a chore with this natural, fun-shaped but strong cleaning tool that is an alternative to steel wool use. Shaped like a piece of Italian pasta, it is made from natural hemp burlap casing that … Continue reading

  • Silikomart® Coverflex Stretchable and Reusable Silicone Lide

    Bid Plastic Goodbye with this Cover Standby

    The plastic wrap dilemma:  you don’t want to keep using it, but it’s just so convenient. These stretchable, reusable covers now make replacing plastic wrap easy. They’re made from 100% food-grade silicone and designed to stretch, so you can fit them … Continue reading

  • Naturally It's Clean™ by Enzyme Fresh Home Laundry Pre-treatment Concentrate

    Treat Natural Stains…Naturally

    As the autumn months continue to keep us active and outdoors for sporting reasons or otherwise, dirt and grass are apt to stain clothing – in addition to the usual offenders. Before this brand, treating stains both naturally and effectively had … Continue reading

  • Sparkle Bright™ Products All-Natural Jewelry Cleaner

    Sparkle with a Conscience

    In this popular “love month” some may have gained a symbol of engagement…and some may want to clean everyday jewelry since it appears more prominent in warmer weather and is prone to getting dirtier then as well. Most cleaning solutions … Continue reading

  • Karmalades Lemon Meringue Scrubbing Soufflé Soft Scrub Cleaner

    Scrumptious Scrubbing

    Karmalades is proud to be a Company with a Conscience at My Conscience, My Choice. This household product serves as a perfect example to debunk the myth about a lack of suitable eco-friendly alternatives to familiar best-in-class cleaning agents. Ironically, … Continue reading

  • Susty Party Compostable Starch Plate (in Natural) and fork PLA cutlery (in assorted colors)

    Party with a Conscience! (and still have fun)

    Susty Party is proud to be a Company with a Conscience at My Conscience, My Choice. For spring and summer graduations, weddings and other seasonal festivities:  here’s some sustainable party ware worth getting excited about.  The founder of this brand, … Continue reading

  • Emerald™ Brand Green Collection Naturally Green Facial Tissue (white)

    A Sweet Solution

    As allergy season rolls in, think about all the paper tissues you grab for your nose, in addition to those which you already use routinely. This brand’s tissues up the ante on “green” paper products in that 70% of their … Continue reading