• Forager Project™ Creamy Dairy-free Cashewgurt

    Help Your Gut Without Guilt!

    Remember how probiotics are supposed to be good for you?  Well, of course, this is especially true related to maintaining gut health.  Yogurt can be a go-to standby for gut health regimen but you may have given it up with … Continue reading

  • OM Sweet Home® BKLYN BUTTAH

    Believe It: The Bettah Buttah

    Imagine a non-dairy butter alternative that melts, spreads and whips like butter so it can be used for cooking, baking and as a standalone spread.  You may recall some buttery spreads exist, but imagine one without palm oil or soy and without any margarine-like … Continue reading

  • Equal Exchange Organic Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips

    Make Your Next Cookie Exchange Fair

    These organic chocolate chips, which use fairly traded chocolate, melt easily and smoothly like the familiar brand to incorporate indulgent flavor to baked goods.  They are perfect for recipes like chocolate chip cookies, brownies and even pancakes.  The semi-sweet variety is … Continue reading

  • A&I Nutreats Choco Kid Vegan Chocolate

    Chock Full of Choco Coco Goodness

    Back in the 1920’s, a small grocery store owner invented the more familiar chocolatey drink as an addition to a fruit juice line that he already sold in New Jersey.  Now, almost a century later, originating also out of New Jersey, is an organic (and low … Continue reading

  • Yeah Dawg! Vegan Hot Dogs

    Much Better, Frankly!

    If you’re ready to fire up the grill but want to keep it healthy and humane…finally, there really is a cruelty-free AND healthier1 option that should satisfy the traditional barbecue cravings and discriminating taste buds of everyone. The founder and chef of this … Continue reading

  • Hope Foods® Organic Original Recipe Hummus

    Spreading the Good: HPP is Key

    Hummus is popular for both taste and its health benefits.  But to preserve the wonderful earthy taste and texture of this crowd-favorite dip, usually potassium sorbate is added to maintain freshness and extend shelf-life*. This brand uses a state-of-the-art high-pressure process (HPP) to preserve … Continue reading

  • Frey 2013 Biodynamic®, Cabernet Sauvignon Organic Wine from Frey Vineyards

    Pioneering Better Land and Libations

    We all love an occasional glass (or more) but other than its effect on your palette and mind, should we care what goes into our glass of wine?  Absolutely.  For starters, many wines are actually produced using animal byproducts, as well … Continue reading

  • Wholesome® Sweetners Evaporated Cane Juice Organic Sugar

    Sustainable and Fair: Sweet.

    Sugar:  it’s the ingredient that we try to limit the most but that is often is incorporated into nearly every treat during the holiday season, regardless of your persuasion. If you choose not to use beet sugar or other natural sweet substitutes such … Continue reading

  • Road's End Organics® Gluten-Free Quick Gravy, Organic (Savory Herb)

    Savory Gravy Without The Unsavory Additives

    Please Note:  A similar post was originally featured on 11/14/2012 and the recommended alternative has since been upgraded. Love the home-style taste of easy-to-prep gravy on your mashed potatoes but not jazzed about the preservatives and animal-derived ingredients?  This gravy exists … Continue reading

  • Just Mayo

    Just Brilliant

    At the core of mass-marketed baked goods and condiments like mayonnaise is the egg, contributing to a $8.5 billion value in the egg production industry.  Aside from chickens being commoditized(1) to fill this food staple “need”, there’s the very eco-unfriendly aspect of these animals … Continue reading