• Popping Convenience “Reinvented”

    Here’s a chance to upgrade your snack of choice for your next movie night or Oscar ceremony viewing. This brand, comprised of a husband-wife duo, has truly “reinvented” convenient home popping with scrupulous attention to both ingredients and packaging. Until … Continue reading

  • Chocolates “Outside the Box”

    This fair-trade chocolate company was founded by a nutritionist and yoga instructor.  The brand produces sustainable chocolate confections that are free of dairy and gluten.  Made with organic ingredients and a oat milk and coconut oil base, each bite has … Continue reading

  • A Game Changer: Cheesy vs. Chia

    For Superbowl Sunday, or for any informal gathering for that matter, instead of automatically dipping into artery-clogging and preservative-laden concoctions, try this nutrient-rich dip that can be used in a variety of ways.  This non-dairy, natural sauce that was launched … Continue reading

  • The Good Gravy that Gives

    This alternative was originally featured on 11/14/2012. Love the home style taste of gravy on your mashed potatoes but not jazzed about the preservatives and animal-derived ingredients?  This gravy exists so you can feel a bit better about comfort food. … Continue reading

  • Allergy-Minded Snack Packs, Pack a Great Taste and More

    Though these mini snack cookies are addictive they will not get you into trouble! Packaged in a neatly portioned serving-size bag they deliver just the right amount for satisfaction.  With all-natural, 70% certified organic ingredients, they are also free of nuts, tree … Continue reading

  • Organic Licking Good

    For trick or treat or just to eat, this sucker packs some powerful flavor but spares the chemicals and aftermath that artificial colors leave behind, as well as the overly saccharine ingredients that try so hard to mimic the taste … Continue reading

  • No Harm, No Fowl

    Though it may not be on anyone’s mind as a “commonly purchased product”, this cruelty-free version of a sophisticated spread should be in the mainstream to be enjoyed by all. Its name is a play on the ever controversial gourmand’s … Continue reading

  • Color By No Numbers

    A variety of fresh colors on your plate is appetizing, but it’s doubtful anyone really craves technicolor foods – not to mention it signals the use of harmful additives! For your next special occasion – from baking the next round … Continue reading

  • The Healthful Hydrator for All

    If you crave more than water for your routine hydration this summer but can do without the fake and unnecessary sugars and seek the benefit of electrolyte balance then this natural, balanced electrolyte replacement formula with 13 electrolytes and minerals … Continue reading

  • Much Better, Frankly

    If you’re ready to fire up the grill but want to keep it healthy and humane…finally, there really is a cruelty-free and healthier option that should satisfy the traditional barbecue cravings and discriminating taste buds of everyone. This brand consists of … Continue reading