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Get Listed as a Company with a Conscience

Basic Listing (Free):  Include your company brand in our exclusive Companies With a Conscience Listing. This is a curated alphabetical compendium of all companies selling cruelty-free, eco-friendly and all-natural/organic retail products that meet the My Conscience, My Choice standards as described in the reference section of the website.  By requesting a listing through our form page (simply load your name and logo, website url, company back story and features that differentiate your company, as well as a photo of a lead product) you will get a dedicated web page linked to our site, upon approval. You will also receive a “Companies with a Conscience” image seal that you may use in printed or online media, as you wish, for promotional purposes.

Premium Network Package (Fee-Based):  To take full advantage of your listing as a Company with A Conscience this option allows you to better reach to our highly targeted audience as well connect with other listed companies.  For a one-time investment of $150, join our marketing network  and receive the following: 1) a welcome mention in our monthly email newsletter promoting your brand/product(s) to our audience (2) introductory and recurring mention on social media (3) promotion at national and major industry conferences when/as applicable that are being attended by My Conscience, My Choice (4) other ongoing promotion as applicable.