• A&I Nutreats Choco Kid Vegan Chocolate

    Chock Full of Choco Coco Goodness

    Back in the 1920’s, a small grocery store owner invented the more familiar chocolatey drink as an addition to a fruit juice line that he already sold in New Jersey.  Now, almost a century later, originating also out of New Jersey, is an organic (and low … Continue reading

  • Good Earth Beauty

    Good Earth Beauty is both an online retailer of carefully curated natural and organic, vegan and cruelty-free health and beauty products as well as an eco-friendly and cruelty-free product brand. The Good Earth Beauty brand is newly created by Founder Karen … Continue reading

  • Yeah Dawg! Vegan Hot Dogs

    Much Better, Frankly!

    If you’re ready to fire up the grill but want to keep it healthy and humane…finally, there really is a cruelty-free AND healthier1 option that should satisfy the traditional barbecue cravings and discriminating taste buds of everyone. The founder and chef of this … Continue reading

  • Ilia Beauty Mascara

    Eye-Opening Beauty

    It helps to feel comfortable in your make up, especially when the humidity rises. This cruelty-free brand with USDA-certified organic ingredients doesn’t compromise quality or performance for beautification.  The latest formula provides all the lash-enhancing qualities that are key to a great-performing mascara: thickening, length-boosting, definition and … Continue reading

  • Hope Foods® Organic Original Recipe Hummus

    Spreading the Good: HPP is Key

    Hummus is popular for both taste and its health benefits.  But to preserve the wonderful earthy taste and texture of this crowd-favorite dip, usually potassium sorbate is added to maintain freshness and extend shelf-life*. This brand uses a state-of-the-art high-pressure process (HPP) to preserve … Continue reading

  • Bella Organici

    Welcome to a first in luxury organic skin care.  Bella Organici is a leader in eco-certified* airbrush tanning with vegan, cruelty-free, phalate-free, oil-free, alcohol-free, gluten-free and hypoallergenic bronzing solutions. In addition, we specialize in custom daily-batch-made product treatments for cellulite, detox body wraps, … Continue reading

  • The Salon by Soon Dar Secrets

    The Salon by Soon Dar Secrets is known as a place where beauty comes naturally. It is Hoboken’s first and only clean air salon that uses organic and other mindfully-produced, non-toxic products. The Salon’s mission is to embrace wellness, relaxation and … Continue reading

  • Canopy Verde

    I don’t like owning a lot of “stuff.” What I do own I want to be well designed, timeless, and practical in the best sense of the word. So I created Canopy Verde, a line of eco friendly handbags that … Continue reading

  • harMonica Design

    harMonica is a spirited lingerie brand made in NYC. Our mission is to empower women with a collection that’s both sexy and comfortable. We consider our bralettes and undershorts visible intimates that are meant to be shown off as part … Continue reading

  • Brush with Bamboo:  The Ecological Toothbrush

    A Greener Teeth Cleaning Routine

    With the 2 billion plastic and nylon toothbrushes that end up in the world’s landfills every year it’s no wonder we haven’t switched to gargling and flossing to clean our teeth. Instead of plastic, this brand offers the solution of using bamboo, which … Continue reading