• Gourmand Without the Guilt

    There’s nothing like a convenient, go-to spread for entertaining - and a cheesy flavored spread is typically a crowd pleaser on toasts or crackers. But a non-dairy cheese spread that tips to a gourmand’s palette as well as everyone else’s? Well, … Continue reading

  • Awake and Aware

    Still adjusting to the time change?  New mom? Late night? Regardless of the reason, you may want to enlist some extra help to at least help you appear more awake on a routine or occasional basis.  Many products may live … Continue reading

  • Non-Toxic Scuff Coverage For the Sole

    It’s nearly time to permanently retire the snow boots and wellies – so make sure that those (faux leather!) shoes are ready to show off.  Of course, you can use eco-friendly banana peels, or even just coconut oil, but if … Continue reading

  • Rich with Nil

    nyl® Skincare is proud to be a Company with a Conscience at My Conscience, My Choice. Unless you are blessed with super genes that enable your skin to counteract the parching of winter, it will soon be time to prime that ashy, dry … Continue reading

  • Popping Convenience “Reinvented”

    Here’s a chance to upgrade your snack of choice for your next movie night or Oscar ceremony viewing. This brand, comprised of a husband-wife duo, has truly “reinvented” convenient home popping with scrupulous attention to both ingredients and packaging. Until … Continue reading

  • Chocolates “Outside the Box”

    This fair-trade chocolate company was founded by a nutritionist and yoga instructor.  The brand produces sustainable chocolate confections that are free of dairy and gluten.  Made with organic ingredients and a oat milk and coconut oil base, each bite has … Continue reading

  • A Game Changer: Cheesy vs. Chia

    For Superbowl Sunday, or for any informal gathering for that matter, instead of automatically dipping into artery-clogging and preservative-laden concoctions, try this nutrient-rich dip that can be used in a variety of ways.  This non-dairy, natural sauce that was launched … Continue reading

  • A “No-Brainer” for No Ice

    Being safe during the winter weather may trump all else but there’s little reason not to use a non-toxic, non-invasive product that is highly effective to remove ice.  This ice melter is the only 100% salt-free version on the market making … Continue reading

  • All-Purpose, Natural Cheer

    What good is decking the halls if the rest of your home isn’t sparkling too?  This established brand has been producing natural-ingredient, cruelty-free, non-toxic cleaning and toiletry products since 1868. Their all-purpose spray household cleaner is a quick fix that works … Continue reading

  • Let Chapping Be Gone with this Do-it-All Balm

    Caseb Naturals is proud to be a Company with a Conscience at My Conscience, My Choice. With the turn of winter exposed areas of the face and hands become prone to chapping - and this is especially true as skin ages, losing its routine … Continue reading