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Opti-Free® Replenish Multi-Purpose Solution

Opti-Free® Replenish Multi-Purpose Solution

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Clear Conscience Multi-Purpose Saline Solution

Clear Conscience Multi-Purpose Saline Solution

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  • Cruelty-free
  • Free of mercury-based preservatives and other irritating/allergy promoting chemicals
  • Filtered without irradiation for sterilization
  • Recyclable packaging (#2)


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Whole Foods

Organic Basic Foods LLC (Hoboken, NJ)

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Typically, it’s the most ordinary products that we don’t think about buying that, if substituted, can make a profound market difference.  Saline solution for contact lenses is a great example:  it’s an integral part of your routine for being able to effectively use one of your five senses. For those who have not undergone laser surgery and are 20/20 challenged, you may use it daily.   But it’s just not a product you may associate with animal testing (though all the leading brands practice it). Thankfully, a multi-purpose contact lens solution that is cruelty-free does in fact exist for daily cleaning, rinsing, disinfecting, removing protein, and storing that is FDA approved for use with all soft (hydrophilic) types of contact lenses (including silicone hydrogels), as well as rigid gas permeable (RGP) lenses. The brand was fittingly founded by a natural resources lawyer who could never find contact lens solution in his local health foods store.  It’s convenient  sterile, isotonic solution with no rubbing required, and, it’s also free of the organic mercury compound, thimerosal(1), as well as chlorhexidine, both of which may cause allergic reactions or act as irritants.  From a disposal standpoint, thimerosal may also cause long-term adverse events if it comes in contact with aquatic environments.  In addition to the comfort provided due to its ingredients, the solution is specially formulated for sensitive eyes, and contains a lubricant to help prevent contact lenses from drying out. Finally, unlike other animal-tested solutions, it is sterilized by filtration and not the use of irradiation. The solution is conveniently is sold in either a regular 12 oz (355 ml) size bottle or  a 3 oz (100 ml) travel size bottle.  All bottles are made of recyclable #2 plastic and lastly, 10% of all proceeds are donated to animal welfare organizations annually. (2)

(1) Thiomersal is the correct International Non-Proprietary Name of the compound though the adopted U.S. name is Thimerosal
(2) Last year the brand made donations to over 20 animal welfare organizations.
Opti-Free Multi-Purpose Solution photo:  source Amazon
Clear Conscience Multi-Purpose Solution photo:  source Vitacost


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