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Reynolds® Baking Cups

Reynolds® Baking Cups

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If You Care® Large Baking Cups

If You Care® Large Baking Cups

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  • Free of chemical or animal-derived coatings
  • Made with FSC-certified sources
  • Minimal waste packaging, no plastic (recycled, processed chlorine-free [PCF] box).

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  • Organic Basic Foods LLC (Hoboken, NJ)
  • Aspen Market (Hoboken, NJ)
  • Acme
  • LifeThyme
  • Kings
  • Whole Foods Market (select locations)
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Cupcake liners are handy, both for baking and for holding party snacks and other treats. So chances are you may have an excess of them in your cupboard for routine baking. It’s worth noting though, that many parchment and baking papers are coated with quilon. Quilon is a chemical containing chrome – a heavy metal – which when incinerated becomes toxic and leaves trace elements in food. Here’s a natural paper option for baking that requires no greasing and is oven proof up to 480° F. The paper, made from FSC-certified sources, has been coated with silicone*  – a non-organic but natural product – on both sides. The paper is also unbleached, totally chlorine-free and contains no dyes. That means these by-products are not only spared from leaching into our food, but also do not get deposited in our waterways. In addition, the materials are certified compostable so can be home composted or composted in municipal or commercial compost facilities.

*Though silicone is a cleaner option for baking, the majority of parchment paper is quilon-coated due to the cost, which is substantially lower than silicone. Silicone is a chemically inactive rubber-like polymer with thermal stability that is considered low in toxicity for humans. Unlike other plastics made up of a myriad of chemicals that leach easily into food, silicone is made from silicon (a naturally occurring element), together with carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen. More about silicone is here.
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