Savory Gravy Without The Unsavory Additives

If You Use This

McCormick® Brown Gravy Mix (Lower Sodium)

McCormick® Brown Gravy Mix (Lower Sodium)

Try This Instead

Road's End Organics® Gluten-Free Quick Gravy, Organic (Savory Herb)

Road's End Organics® Gluten-Free Quick Gravy, Organic (Savory Herb)

Good Choice Best Choice What do these mean?


  • Cruelty-free; no animal-derived ingredients
  • USDA-Certified Organic ingredients
  • No preservatives, flavor enhancers or processed ingredients
  • No MSG or MSG-derivatives
  • No caramel coloring

How To Get It

Local Retailers:

Organic Basic Foods LLC (Hoboken, NJ) (call first for inventory)

Health and Harmony

LifeThyme I

Whole Foods Markets (selected locations)



Online Retailers (select):


Vegan Essentials


Please Note:  A similar post was originally featured on 11/14/2012 and the recommended alternative has since been upgraded.

Love the home-style taste of easy-to-prep gravy on your mashed potatoes but not jazzed about the preservatives and animal-derived ingredients?  This gravy exists so you can feel a bit better about comfort food.  Not only is it free of these aforementioned offenders, but it also uses organic vegetable-based spices and seasonings.  With a consistency much thicker than broth and a taste that is savory to your palette, it is also free of gluten and fat (yes, you read that correctly) and contains less sodium than the original versions of popular gravies and comparable sodium to the “reduced sodium” versions. What’s more, it also spares you from popular flavor enhancers which are really MSG or MSG-derivatives.  However, if you like to customize the seasonings in your gravy by adding anything additional, you can still do so and play with the water to powder mix ratio since it is thick enough to do this.  So, go ahead, smother those baked or mashed potatoes.  And be thankful for this gravy that gives flavor without all the unsavory extras.

McCormick® Brown Gravy Mix photo:  © 2012 My Conscience, My Choice LLC
Road’s End Organics® Gluten-Free Quick Gravy, Organic photo:   © 2014 My Conscience, My Choice LLC
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